One year on, I’m reminded of scuttled Mother’s Day plans – and the sad reason why

Around this time last year, my siblings and I were excitedly planning a Mother’s Day gift.  Today I learned that the Royal Conservatory of Music’s Director of Development Operations will be leaving that post next week.  I wrote him a brief email wishing him well and letting him know how the Mother’s Day plans last year had to be put off until Mom’s birthday in September.

While Craig and Claude, and my other siblings, had all enthusiastically contributed to Mom’s gift the Mother’s Day presentation was not to be due to Craig’s accident April 24, his death on May 9 and his memorial service the day after Mother’s Day 2007 at the beautiful downtown Montreal church pictured below. Of course the scrubbed gift-giving plans are not the catastrophic part of the story but the letter today brought back so many memories of last year’s events.


It’s now been nine months since Craig died. The gradually lengthening days, one of the few signs of spring here right now, remind me of the optimism and excitement we all felt last February. Mom began disliking May when Dad died on the 4th of that month coming up on six years ago. Now we have Craig’s death on May 9th to add. Mother’s Day will never be the same.

All of this comes racing back because of a friendly letter from the Conservatory of Music. Don’t get me wrong. When we finally did present the gift to Mom for her birthday last September she was overwhelmed with pride and gratitude. Letting her know that Craig and Claude had been in on it, too, was a bittersweet moment as we all continued to grapple with our loss.


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One thought on “One year on, I’m reminded of scuttled Mother’s Day plans – and the sad reason why

  1. Thank you so much for the beautiful email received recently. I was moved to tears by your story, and have shared it with my colleagues in the Development Office here at The Conservatory.

    On behalf of The Royal Conservatory of Music, please accept my condolences on your loss.

    I can’t tell you how proud I am to have had a small part in arranging the Koerner Hall seat, named in honour of your Mom.

    The seat – Row I, Seat 1 on the Orchestra level, will live on in perpetuity…as will our collective memories of Craig.

    Daniel Unruh

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