The NAFTA mess

I am so friggin’ embarrassed and ashamed of my government (or, more specifically, one of its operatives) over the whole NAFTA memo mess which most certainly played an unhappy role in Barack Obama’s Ohio primary fortunes. That my Canadian banana-for-brains republican government might have played even a bit part in Obama’s losses this week just makes me crazy!

Blame Canada indeed!


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One thought on “The NAFTA mess

  1. If we’re condemning the Canadian government for releasing the memo, shouldn’t we be also looking at Obama for sending reassuring pro-NAFTA messages to the Canadian government? The memo does exist, even if it shouldn’t have been released, so isn’t the real point we’ve really known all along neither Obama nor Clinton will ever discard NAFTA, and the Liberals here are doing the same cynical anti-NAFTA dance to get NDP votes?

    The thing is… the leak shouldn’t have happened, but Clinton and Obama were both lying through their teeth about their positions on NAFTA… if either of the candidates were being honest about what was going on in Ohio, and what their stand was regarding Trade the leak would have been meaningless.


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