Wow! Chris Tindal and the Greens win huge gains!

The Green Party’s Chris Tindal successfully made it an air-tight battle for second place (against the NDP) in what was otherwise a Bob Rae rout of the Toronto Centre federal byelection.  Congratulations to Mr. Rae.  As of  1:16 a.m., with all 275 polls reporting, the results (in order of votes) are:

Bob Rae (LPC): 14,187 (59.2%)
El-Farouk Khaki (NDP): 3,299 (13.8%)
Chris Tindal (Greens): 3,263 (13.6%)
Don Meredith (CON): 2,982 (12.5%)
Doug Plumb (CAP): 97 (0.4%)
Liz White (Animal Alliance): 123 (0.5%)

During the last election, keeping in mind that it was a nation-wide election and not byelections, Bill Graham of the Liberals won 30,874 votes (52.2%), the NDP was second with 23.7%, the Conservatives ran third with 18.2% and the Greens, a distant fourth, garnered 5.2%.

That was nearly tripled for Chris this time, even with the total number of voters down in sadly typical byelection fashion.  Not sure if that is what has Cameron annoyed or not.

The Star’s Susan Delacourt saw the obvious gains for the Green Party of Canada, asking if this should guarantee for Elizabeth May in the next election’s televised leaders’ debate.

To which Greens say an emphatic “Yes”!

Tonight, (or last night as I write this), Bob Rae won a plurality that was unprecedented but the NDP and Conservatives portion of the vote dropped substantially, raising  the Greens.  But it was much more than that.  Chris Tindal’s strong candidacy and positive campaign won votes, fair and square, for the Green Party of Canada which would have otherwise gone elsewhere and also from many people who had not been active voters before. 

At a victory party, Chris spoke to enthusiastic campaign workers at the Pear Tree on Parliament Street, introduced by his campaign manager Jeff Brownridge:

Here’s analysis of all four byelections from Alberta friend Idealistic Pragmatist, a New Democrat.


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