Hillary did not misspeak, nor make a mistake – she lied!

I am sorry Hillary but your “memory” of what did not happen was just too clear to have been a mistake, or a misspeak!  And you repeated it on two or three occasions!  Anyone who exits an airplane, while the tarmac is under sniper fire, would remember that clearly and might well still be recovering from it, not laughing it off as a tough day at the office.

You did not have a brain fart, even if you were “sleep deprived”. Regarding your trip to Bosnia you lied.

And tonight you again want to switch the channel to Barack Obama’s former pastor? Your operatives, such as Lanny “I speak for myself” Davis, are out on the airwaves suggesting that any scrutiny your foreign policy claims get is against the spirit of the campaign Barack Obama has advocated.  Pffft!!  It is high time, Hillary Clinton, that you salvage whatever dignity you can and concede the nomination. You are weighing down the Democrats’ chances in November by hopelessly extending the nomination campaign.

Here’s an ad for the GOP:

Hillary: I have the experience! I remember being under fire while landing in Bosnia.

Announcer: Oops! Never happened…Senator John McCain not only witnessed war, he was a prisoner of war.  American hero, etc., etc.


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