Roman Catholic hierarchy cuts off Pope’s nose to spite his face – cue Monty Python!

Jim Loney needs no more effective publicist, for the broad spectrum of social justice issues he cares about so much, as long as the Roman Catholic Church and ‘her’ operatives carry his water and are so hung up about his sexual orientation. 

Last week Jim gave a characteristically impassioned speech at the Yukon Beringia Interpretive Centre after the local Roman Catholic bishop barred him from speaking at Sacred Heart Cathedral. 

The decidedly-Vaticanesque folks at led off their report this way:

“A former Canadian hostage in Iraq, James Loney, has been using his popularity to actively promote the homosexual lifestyle despite a residual affiliation to the Catholic Church. Loney was barred from a speaking engagement that was scheduled to take place last week at Sacred Heart Cathedral, a Catholic church in Whitehorse, Yukon.”

I don’t have the ecumenical diplomacy required to just let this slide.

While the Holy See’s claim as the One True Church has been rightly dismissed by all other churches – and many R.C. Church members, too – this sort of horse-blinder mentality only reinforces stereotypes of any and all faith groups, Catholic and Protestant, claiming to represent a peaceful vision of the world inspired and imagined by Jesus.

Meanwhile, social activist prophets such as Jim Loney receive publicity that money cannot buy – paid for by the sunken credibility of Roman Catholic control freaks – and Jim’s core message of peace is still heard by even more appreciative audiences.

Monty Python had it so right a generation ago:

(Just to confirm my place among heretics, as if there is any doubt, I am currently enjoying Gretta Vosper’s book “With or Without God”.)



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