To The United Church Observer

I was certain Pathways to Prayer (Cover Story, October) would be interesting and I was not disappointed.  However, grieving the sudden death of my brother some eighteen months ago, I was left feeling a little empty when the article did not include the story of an intercessory prayer which was not answered with a positive result. If we are to believe that God arbitrarily gives and takes away life (metaphorically at the very least) sometimes, no matter how many intercessors we name, a prayer’s answer is “No”. That’s when faith can be so fragile. I think we need to re-examine old ideas of ‘God’s will’.

Now, had space permitted, I might have gone on to say that I don’t believe in a Santa Claus-style deity with wishes granted and rejected willy-nilly, ‘blessing’ America (or ‘damning’ either).

My belief is in ‘Namaste’ – the divine spark in you meeting the divine spark in me. Nature is Creation or Gaia and is ours to protect. I continue to practice, and question, my faith in a very progressive United Church congregation but nothing I see and hear cannot be filtered through the prism of my beliefs. I’m also looking into Process Theology which offers this untrained theologian a perspective that I don’t recall hearing about, though perhaps I was practising it.



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