Medical update: Minimal side effects so far

It hasn’t been too long since I checked in about my health but, seeing as that was kind of a new beginning, I thought I would report that all is going well – at least as far as I know. I’ll get the results of my blood work-up in a couple of weeks. Most important will be my CD-4 count and my viral load. When last checked the CD-4 needed to come up and the viral load had a fair distance to drop to ‘undetectable’.

The diabetes is going okay with the insulin. I had to actually drop it a little in the evening as I had a few ‘low sugar’ episodes, which are quite unsettling – particularly the one when I woke up in the middle of the night in a panic.

I have fewer HIV-related pills and capsules to take now (5 in the morning, 4 at night). At night I also take my insanity stabilizers which have been working well, too. There was one night of what I thought was hypomania but I managed to stay indoors and out of trouble.

Someone who hadn’t seen me in a few months told me today he thought I had gained weight, indicating that I seemed to be showing a bit of a pot belly. The sad fact is, however, that I am so underweight my tummy only seems big compared to everywhere else. I’m trying to keep my sense of humour about it, comparing my physique with a praying mantas, especially when my woven pack-sack slumps down my back. I don’t actually know if my weight is down or up or if, as it was at the last doctor’s visit, I have simply stopped losing.

As the cooler weather creeps in I’m wishing I could store more food to insulate my bones. In addition to the occasional meal replacement drink I’m trying to bulk up with avocados and cashews. Other suggestions would be most welcome!



2 thoughts on “Medical update: Minimal side effects so far

  1. I don’t know what your diet is like or if any of your meds affect your taste buds. With that said, when I use to volunteer at a hospice and there was a need to help someone gain weight one of our tricks was to replace anything that called for milk with half-and-half. You might try this on occasion.

    Also, consider adding small amounts of fried foods to your meals. You can fry up vegetables or meat on the weekend and split it up for the week for convenience.

    Do you have access to a dietitian? It can be complicated enough to gain weight in a healthy manner without also having to factor in diabetes and possibly med-tainted taste buds.

    Best of luck!

  2. Hi Ken…I’m afraid I can’t offer you any educated advice. I’m just glad to hear that you seem to be doing OK and that you have stopped losing weight.
    The other commenter seems to have some good ideas, and you’ve already told me that ice cream isn’t good. But how about French fries. Packed with vitamin C and mmm mmmm good !! 🙂

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