‘What a fraud’ whines Conservative operative Tim Powers

Blogging in the Globe and Mail, Tim Powers railed against Elizabeth May. (It’s often a good sign to be on the receiving end of such criticism and the comments which follow, my own included, largely bear this out.)

Mr. Powers, what you really would have liked, of course, was for Ms. May to declare that Stephen Harper’s commitment to the environment is worthy of a second mandate. (Crickets. I hear crickets.)

Seeing that she is not going to be Prime Minister this fall, it only makes sense that Elizabeth May would back her second choice – the party with a workable plan for carbon emission reductions. This was not a call out to Green supporters everywhere to vote Liberal. She knows we can vote Green and still beat Conservatives. I live in one of the safest Liberal seats in the country and will have no qualms voting Green – firstly, because I am a Green Party member and I want the party to receive the money-per-vote it will under the new financing policy and, secondly, because I have no reason to fear a Conservative will win in my riding.

It was from the Greens that the Liberals’ green plan was taken and, with getting on with that work her top priority, Elizabeth May declared only that the Liberals would obviously make a better government than the Conservatives.



One thought on “‘What a fraud’ whines Conservative operative Tim Powers

  1. If you wish to know what drives Ms. May – may I suggest you get a copy of Cloak of Green.
    It can be read online via my site or google.

    I would also suggest everyone read the Green Agenda before you cast your vote. ( also found on my site )

    Most of the environmental groups ie: WWF, Sierra Club, Friends of the Earth, the Suzuki Foundation and so on, are fronts for the UN Agenda 21, and have close ties with Maurice Strong.

    None of this is good for Canada.

    Harper is also a traitor. He wants to enable the NAU.

    This is why I’m asking Canadians to vote independent or for one of the many small parties.

    A serious message must be sent to the leaders of the main parties.

    Concerning the title of your blog.
    Why do so many Canadians not have a family doctor? I’ve heard as high as 5 million.
    Cuba on the other hand makes sure everyone has a doctor even though they are a small, poor country
    What’s our excuse?

    Our education system sucks.
    What’s our excuse?

    Our farmers are in trouble.
    What’s our excuse?

    Govt. working against the people is what we are dealing with in this country – and that must change.

    Think before you vote!

    Enjoy ever day.

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