Medical update: the news is great!

My CD-4 count (an indicator of immune system health) has doubled to 520 and my viral load (which detects the level of HIV in my cells) has dropped precipitously from 125,000 to just 271.  Notwithstanding the ultimate goal is “undetectable” this is a major leap towards that.  My diabetes, too, is under control and I have managed my way through just a couple of “lows”.

This has me back to the condition I was in prior to my brother Craig’s death in May of 2007 and, in the case of the diabetes, even better. I feel like some more time has been bought!

My mood, i.e. my bipolar condition, has been stable for a few months now, too.

Now I’m off to Perth to spend Hallowe’en with my Mom, sister and Craig’s partner. (It’s just the way a get-together fell into place.) Trick or treat!



5 thoughts on “Medical update: the news is great!

  1. Hello Kenn,
    Good news. When did you get diagnosed? i think i may have been infected a while now but i have tested negative in all my hiv test. Do you have any advice?

    Hi Shawn,

    There’s a protocol for testing after suspected exposure but you should be home-free after six months to a year. Best to check with an anonymous testing center if you can.

  2. Hey Kenn!

    I am sooooo glad to hear this news! I know I’ve been out of touch for months and months, but I have thought of you often… and I pray for you!

    So, praise God and yay!!! 🙂

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