Computus interruptus

For several weeks now I have been without my computer, a laptop, because its screen is apparently dying. I’m without the funds right now to either repair or replace it and so am relying on public computers for the picking up of email. Of course I can also write my blog but I seem less likely to do so. (It seems inconceivable that I have not been writing daily up to, during, and after the US election!)

So, anyway, that’s what’s going on. (So long as I am still sucking air, I want to blog, however infrequently.)



3 thoughts on “Computus interruptus

  1. My sympathies for your computer-less condition.

    Went through something similar 18 months ago. ‘Twas devastating.

    Couldn’t believe the withdrawal symptoms! I swear it’s like a drug.

    Turns out that jumping online everyday and spending hours reading, discussing, exchanging emails, etc. is as vital to me as breathing. Was in a terrible state until my new computer – a Mac mini – arrived, almost two months after my old PC bleeped its last blip.

    Hope you’re able to manage, somehow, to get a replacement. Don’t know where you live, but you might try FreeCycle. It’s amazing the things that people give away and you could well luck out.

  2. Get thee to a library Kenn… free service, comfy chairs and getting there and back is an excuse to see the sky for a little while.

    ===> A good idea, which I have done a couple of times already. As well there is a similar computer resource centre in my very building. When I got my laptop I stopped coming here…hmmm…

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