Medical update: I’m likin’ this report and on such a special day, too

My weight is 62.5 kilos and, whether up or down from last time, my BMI is off the low end of the charts at 17.1. Definite room for improvement.

I have a CD-4 count of 440, up marginally from last time. In other words it is stable.

My viral load, the measure of HIV activity, is under 75 which is considered undetectable. I’ve been here before for quite a long stretch but this is the first time it has happened since I was off meds for close to a year and a half.

My mood has been pretty good overall, too, although/and/but I am challenging myself to dig a little deeper into some of my numbness.

Today is also the day I mark twenty (20) years of being diagnosed HIV-positive. While the memories of that day are gut-wrenching and ensuing bouts of illness hard to forget I have, at least, proven my then-doctor wrong by living twice as long as he had predicted – with more living to come!

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