Logic, Bishop Henry-style

Calgary Roman Catholic Bishop Fred Henry strikes again. The bishop, a leading jeerleader during the equal marriage debate, who famously mused about national leaders to whom he would refuse communion, has now stuck his nose into a Catholic teachers’ fundraiser over the burr in the Vatican’s saddle known as condoms.

Yes, Bishop, condoms can be used for birth control but when it comes to HIV/AIDS they are a vital disease control. You fail to see the forest (disease prevention) for the trees (Catholic dogma). Shame on you!

Even the prestigious medical journal The Lancet has weighed in against Pope Benedict’s recent anti-condom rant.


One thought on “Logic, Bishop Henry-style

  1. I just simply cannot believe what I read about the Pope’s stand on condom use in countries where HIV/AIDS has the highest rates in the world. I want to freaking go and shake him. Jerk. Shame on the whole lot of them.

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