A funny thing happened on the way…

…to church this morning.

I was awake in plenty of time, well before the alarm, and decided to walk the distance from my place here in the heart of the co-op cluster of Cabbagetown West to Trinity-St. Paul’s Church on Bloor, west of Spadina. For a little fuel I stopped at the Tim Horton’s at Bloor and Sherbourne, thanked the server for my large, double cream, no sugar, and continued along my way on Bloor Street. I walked a block or more before pulling up the little plastic tab on my lid. Mmmm, it tasted so good. A couple sips later and it occurred to me that the coffee was hotter than usual, touching my tongue to the roof of my mouth. Oops!

My similarity to professional hockey players is completely limited to the fact that I don’t have all of my own teeth. (Well they’re all mine, just not all real.) What I realized with that little sweep of my tongue is that the teeth that aren’t real were not in my mouth! Well whaddya gonna do, if not just laugh?

So I did. I also aborted my walk to church (not that I couldn’t have made do with a tight-lipped smile), but then walked to the No Frills to pick up a few things and conducted myself well without baring my gums.

It’s still just coming on 11 o’clock so it’s not too late to re-start my day. I don’t even turn fifty until October but my new check-list?

Wallet, keys, teeth!


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