In God’s image

I know I’ve checked with Ron about this before – we apparently are not related – but I come from a Chaplin family rooted in Perth and Glen Tay. (I now reside in Toronto.) The story reads like it could have been written about either my late brother Craig or me. I share two particular things with Ron, as did Craig – being gay and living with HIV/AIDS (but it was a fall which ultimately took my brother’s life two years ago). We’ve also shared in a passionate, faith-based activism that grew out of being different. I wish Ron the best and hope that he will be out to see the tulips soon!

In God’s Image
By Bruce Ward, The Ottawa Citizen

Ron Chaplin is still on the right side of the grass today, his 57th birthday, which is pretty amazing when you think about it. Chaplin has been fighting off pneumonia in hospital for the past few weeks and is improving steadily. He was not expected to pull through at one point, but he has a habit of surviving grim prognoses.

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