A 7 km walk with only last-block fatigue

It was one of those evenings – lots of people on the patios, classic cars and convertibles buzzing up and down the streets – a perfect night to walk home from my meeting.

I have only done this entire walk on one other occasion, an evening which turned rainy, so I thought I’d see how far I could get.

Last night’s was much more pleasant, not rushed, mostly a gentle slope down hill, with the aroma of lilacs punctuating the journey. It was not until I was a block or two from home that I began to feel that my blood sugar was low which I quickly fixed with a tub of yogourt from Little Bee.

The walk was the perfect way to cap off a feel-good evening.


4 thoughts on “A 7 km walk with only last-block fatigue

  1. A “tub of yogurt”? Kenn… you should be carrying snacks with you. So should I… I was low Friday afternoon and drank a 500mL carton of chocolate milk.

    Glad to read you’re making great use of the perfect weather.

    1. Well I didn’t want there to be any mistaking that it was not one of those snap-off tablespoon-sized containers 🙂

      Yes the weather seems to add a good twenty to thirty percent to my mood, I would say although I have been known to experience spring fever, too, so I don’t want to get too far gone the other way. I haven’t had my lithium changed in quite awhile. Is it just a case of doing whatever works or is there a seasonal adjustment to be done?

  2. Going in for a Lithium test would be a good idea. The amount we take is determined by the levels of Lithium in our blood.

    We have to be careful with the weather, it’s a good idea not to spend more than four hours out in the sun. And definitely stay hydrated, tubs of yogurt are a good idea to keep you hydrated as well as keeping your sugar levels where they should be. But definitely drink water — not sports drinks though, stay away from the sugar/glucose/fructose.

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