Pat Robertson equates gay marriage with sex with ducks; head explodes

I hadn’t heard of Pat Robertson’s inane remarks until I saw this parody of them as the equal marriage debate continues in California.  Maybe if the arguments get silly enough equality will prevail.


7 thoughts on “Pat Robertson equates gay marriage with sex with ducks; head explodes

  1. Collin

    People grow up. To be gay is wrong. God is destroying America and the western world because you have decided to legalize what is plainly un natural. China and India as well as the middle east will rise as world powers because you people have abused creation. You have abused God. I have prayed and fasted over this and God has spoken to me about this. More disaster for America and west coming back. Please ban gayism.
    If you need more revelations please contact me.

    1. Allison

      hahaha… next time you “fast” over this issue, please continue until your breathing stops. Now THAT is a revelation.

  2. watermelonchapstick

    It disgusts me that you tell rational people to grow up, and then use an invisible magic man in the sky to prove your illogical and uneducated point of view.
    And I loveeeeee Garfunkel and Oates. I listen to their songs over and over again everyday.

  3. Joe

    What kind of an idiot is Collin, seriously? It’s people like that that are the reason everybody in the world are trying to kill eachothers. Favoritism and demeaning and what’s worse of course is naturally using the bible/religion to justify your stupid ignorance. Rot in hell son

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