AIDS Vigil to mark its 25th year

The AIDS Memorial

Cawthra Square Park, Toronto

Thursday, June 25, 2009 | 9:00PM

Hosted by Quinn Johnston, Billy Newton-Davis, Shari Margolese

For More Information | 416.392.6878 Ext 4012 |

The public is invited to attend the 25th Anniversary of the annual AIDS Candlelight Vigil, on Thursday evening, June 25, 2009, at 9:00 the AIDS Memorial in Cawthra Park.
The program includes many special features, including three co-hosts, a new approach to the candlelighting, additional performances by local artists, and a song written especially for the 25th Anniversary of the Vigil.

This year’s program will focus on the courage and commitment of long-term HIV/AIDS survivors as well as the broader HIV/AIDS community who have shaped and sustained the fight for over 25 years.

This year, 25 names have been added to the AIDS Memorial.

Please come and honor, remember and celebrate the Vigil tradition – a very meaningful part of Pride Week.

AIDS Memorial long view 519 Church St Toronto

A view of the memorial on World AIDS Day, Dec.1


One thought on “AIDS Vigil to mark its 25th year

  1. Neil Mudde

    Being part of the Aids Vigil singing with my group “GuysLikeUs” I was deeply moved by the numbers of persons in the audience and that after all the years of my attendance the vigil had lost none of its “sacredness” in remembering all my friends who died of Aids, this event is the highlight of my Pride Celebration.
    I was somewhat surprised to see so many Loo’s in the small park taking up a lot of good space.


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