Remembering with pride my Pride and Remembrance Run

From the 2001 run stats I lift the following:

390 28:44.6 5:45 601 CHAPLIN, KENN TORONTO 282/330 56/63 Men 40 – 49

Translation: I placed 390th overall with a time of 28 minutes, 44.6 seconds, a 5:45 pace. My bib number was 601. There were 48 in my class behind me (at least I think that’s what that means) and I was 56th of 63 in something or other.

Central Park _5 Km fun run

After training for a couple of months in the spring of 2001 I had the opportunity for a dry run “fun run” in New York’s Central Park (above) on Memorial Day weekend. I finished in under half an hour, exceeding my goal of just finishing.


I bested that in the Pride Run in Toronto and then set my sights on a 10 k. Did I incrementally increase my distance towards 10? No. I ran from one end of the Toronto Islands to the other and back. Having thus gone completely overboard I managed to flatten the arches of my feet and I haven’t run since. Breaking my femur when hit by a cab sealed that deal in 2003.

I think I did pretty damn well just to have entered the run, considering the state of my health – although I felt much more nimble back then, I must say.

So good luck to all Pride & Remembrance Run participants. I’d say I’ll be there to cheer you on but now just getting there on time may be too early a call for me!


One thought on “Remembering with pride my Pride and Remembrance Run

  1. Sarah Bourcier-Miller

    From 2006 Pride and Remembrance Run, out of 711 walk and runners

    664 Sarah Bourcier-Miller 37:40 F 268

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