You say Appalachia, I say Argentina…


Mark Sanford, it turns out, did not get his hiking boots dusty along the Appalachian Trail – as his staff had been telling the media while he was AWOL. He was doing the dirty down in South America. Hiking? Yes, hiking a skirt.

The Republicans and their ‘family values’ have another poster boy for their hypocrisy – this while both they and the Democratic White House defend the indefensible “Defense of Marriage Act”, thwarting gay marriage.

Jon Stewart just will not be able to have a summer vacation because the only way to avoid being sick over such hypocrisy is to satirize it.

Here is The Huffington Post’s coverage of this “developing story” to use a newsism.

Then there’s Sanford and Sin

More from Huffington Post

…and Sanford’s Penis Resigns From Republican Governors Association

Lovelorn SC Governor Admits to Just About Everything

Sanford wants ‘zone of privacy’ after going AWOL on SC and destroying the sanctity of his marriage

The question they should ask Gov. Sanford

Gov. Sanford tangos alone

S.C. Luv Gov. Is Antigay

Earlier this month Sanford reiterated his stand against anything but heterosexual marriage.

With thanks to a reply*** to this post from “Ajax”, who referred me here I have removed an earlier reference to Daily Kos and the Ted Haggard affair.

***“Sad to see My Journey with AIDS repeating this from DailyKos. It was a humor piece, the story it gave was not true — that should be clear from the opening note at DailyKos; see also footnote at So and so sucks , viz: ‘**UPDATE: After reading this article again, with my eyes open this time, it has come to my attention that this is a joke and completely untrue. Although hilarious, we are adding this disclaimer so we don’t get sued.‘”

This all calls for a re-post of a “Little Britain” sketch:


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