Enough with the “honour killings”

Stop Honorcide!

As a gay man with HIV/AIDS I know of my condemned standing within the hard-line Islamist, Jewish and Christianist faiths. (I’m taking my chances, and feeling fine thanks, with liberal spirituality.)

What no one, however, whether in Canada or anywhere else in the world should tolerate is paternalistic violence and murder – almost always exclusively against women and children cloaked in “tradition” or law (Sharia and otherwise) or “Allah” or “God” or “G-d”. (I say almost exclusively because queers – across the gender spectrum – seem to remain fair game, with varying degrees of violence proscribed, condoned or tolerated, depending on the faith derivative, the location, and so on.)

Concerning the news of this day (insert “innocent until proven guilty” here) it is of only minor consolation that Montreal’s Afghan community is shocked.

While many of us wonder what we might do with our outrage, for starters, here are Linda Ahmed’s sites Muslims Against Sharia and Stop Honorcide!

I saw Raheel Raza on the news briefly tonight, an A-1 resource person I have had conversations with in the past/

I also saw Tarek Fatah in the same report.

Regardless of the shade of our pigment white ribbons each December do not stop male violence against women in Canada. Women and children are killed in custody battles or for countless other excuses far too often. I’m not meaning to pin more insanity on one religious, cultural or sexual homicide than another.

It hasn’t been that long since Ontario decided against adopting limited Sharia law, so we can’t be smug about this.

It’s 2009 across the world. Centuries of history and difference do not separate us. I just need to hear more outrage from every corner of the religious world against such brutality.

Please forward other web resources via the comments. I will post them here:

World Health Organization: Gender-based violence

U.S. Still in Denial on Gender Violence: Peter Daou

Afghan Women’s Organization (Toronto) – Healthy Equal Relationships


2 thoughts on “Enough with the “honour killings”

  1. Kenn, I thank you for your depth and humanity. I first should to express my grief for these women who died, and my sorrow for the loss to the community and loved ones. That this is a human tragedy, I hope will not be lost on us as for many it becomes an opportunity for their political agenda, whether that is protecting Islam or bashing it. What I like about what you write is that you bring forward topics like these, which must be discussed, with sincerity rooted in compassion and solidarity with those who are targeted by violence and discrimination.

    I can’t give you outrage from the religious community because I represent but me, but I am a believer, and here’s what I believe. God is pissed, outraged, disappointed and bereft at killing. God grieves.

    God hates killing, God hates the condonement of it, and God hates the defence of it, the motivation for it and the justification of it. God hates the suffering and pain and betrayal that people who are killed experience at the end of their life because God wishes that people pass peacefully after a good life, and in the best circumstances we can provide for any length of life.

    God hates the circumstances that lead to more killing, and loves the circumstances that lead to less of it. God does not want people to find motivation to kill, and God does not want people to create incentives to kill.
    God created dishonour to prevent killing – killing is the most dishonourable act and the highest prohibition is against it.

    God wants people to teach not to kill, and to deal with problems honourably. God does not care about the kind of honour and shame that is superficial and about how you feel bad and are embarassed or lose face, or are humiliated because you’re a controlling Canadian guy whose wife is leaving him, or you hail from rural India and you feel that your sister dishonoured the family. God doesn’t care what gave you such wicked selfishness, God wants you to rise above. God thinks that kind of honour is stupid, and the kind that saves lives is good. God finds ultimate shame in those who kill the innocent. God will only condone actions that are harmful to others if it is absolutely necessary in the prevention of harm.

    God does not care what people are wearing on their heads, God cares if people are happy and good to one another. When people introduce beliefs into religion that go against God’s basic regard for life, security of the person, freedom and happiness, God is outraged when God’s name and it’s weight is used to defend that.

    God is outraged by honour killing, God is outraged by harm and wrong, and could care less about Muslims, Jews, Christians and other people’s beefs with one another, could care less about their traditions, could care less about their precious identities, and their pride, their costumes and customs, whether a tree gets put up on a courthouse at Christmas or not, whether you think God is one or many or doesn’t exist at all, and God doesn’t care how many times a day you pray.

    God doesn’t care about all your petty and neurotic beliefs about God and all of your petty excuses and reasons for doing wrong and not doing right.

    God cares that you remember the uniqueness of your existence and that others get a place in this world. If you need forgiveness, God will give it. God doesn’t want you to wallow and whine for your whole life. God thinks you should count your blessings because they are real blessings, not just because you think God needs your gratitude. Ask for solace from God because it’s actually difficult to be human, and you can’t put all your burden on yourself and others.

    This world is the only one we know of in existence with significant life, it’s humanity, it’s fjords and mountains, forests and waterfalls, and canals. It’s the only one where you can grow up to love and hold someone, and talk about the weather, and politics, and it’s the only life you get to see a sunrise over the ocean, or be part of building something. God only cares about that, if you’re religion helps you remember this, God likes it, if it makes you forget, he hates your religion.

    God could care less about what people think of Holy Texts, God loves the planet earth and the people on it. God wants us to grow up and God wants us to raise our families, and deal with others in society, not kill them. It doesn’t even matter if there are so-called religious or cultural reasons, God trumps those. God doesn’t care if God’s prophets are offended, they are God’s prophets, not yours and no person has a right to kill over it. God doesn’t care for Creationism debates. God doesn’t have time for foolishness and pride, there are 1 billion people hungry in the world today, God wants to know what the hell we are doing about it.

    We are supposed to know right from wrong, and it’s pretty clear that killing is wrong and can only be condoned in strict self-defence or protection of other’s life when there is no other option. It’s true for Muslims, it’s true for atheists, it’s true for Americans and Canadians and any other identity. God doesn’t like any of these groups of people better than any other.

    God loves women and men, and God hates violence against women by men. God doesn’t care if you’re gay or straight, God wants you to love and be true to yourself. God knows the truth of who you are and loves that, and people who hate cannot know the truth of those who they hate. God hates it when people use God to raise their hateful opinion to truth in God’s name. God reserves the right to judge and gives no advantage to one over the other.

    God knows we know right from wrong and can’t be fooled. God does not want people to take the name of God in vain to motivate others to get right from wrong backwards.

    thank you for giving me this opportunity to comment, I apologize for using it for a pulpit!!

    arif jinha
    — human being

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