To the Editor, Perth Courier

Thanks for your article on Andrea Raymond’s work. I look forward to a renewed commitment to heritage conservation in Perth in the spirit of Glenn Crain and others.

During a recent picture-taking tour of the always photogenic downtown I noticed that the Scotiabank branch on Foster Street (pictured) stands out for what I would say is a lack of effort to ‘get with the program’ in terms of heritage buildings. In particular the ground floor windows and doors are unsuitably modern and the bank sign, while conforming with the Scotiabank colour scheme of today across the country, is rather abrasive to the eye. I wonder if old pictures of a branch of what used to be known as The Bank of Nova Scotia might be consulted for guidance. Tasteful (and smaller) modern-day corporate insignia could easily be placed at street level.


If national corporations such as Scotiabank would lead the way in a new commitment to preserve the heritage streetscape I am sure other businesses would be encouraged in their efforts to do the same.

Trust me – much of downtown Toronto’s historic buildings either burned down early in the last century or have been demolished. Perth is a gem of a town worth continued polishing.



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