c.c. PM Harper

Her Excellency the Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean,
Governor General of Canada

Rideau Hall

Your Excellency:

Greetings of the season to you and your family!

I am writing out of a deep concern for the democratic institutions of
Canada in light of today’s news that the Prime Minister plans to seek
your assistance in bringing the Parliament of Canada to a halt for two

While I can understand the wishes of any elected individual to be in
Vancouver-Whistler for the Olympics there’s still a major part of the
torch relay to go before any other Olympic activity is scheduled!
Parliamentary committees still have much work to do.

After proroguing Parliament this time last year, again for
poorly-substantiated reasons, the government again seems willing to
toss away its legislative agenda for dubious reasons. (Many Canadians
speculated that part of the explanation for the long meeting between
you and the Prime Minister, before the last proroguing of Parliament,
was perhaps due to you warning him against doing this for frivolous

Before the next Speech from the Throne, the Prime Minister will have
the opportunity to heighten the cynicism of Canadians towards our
so-called democratic institutions by the extra-parliamentary
appointment of more Conservative Senators – enough, by then, to have
his way in committees as a government still without a majority of
Members of Parliament.

Mr. Harper’s disdain for Parliament, the Senate he is so quick to
deride so long as he does not have a majority therein, our traditions
as a constitutional monarchy, and respect for your role as
Governor-General leave me very sad for Canada, exasperated by the
erosion by manipulation of our democratic institutions, and disgusted
at the cynical antics of an increasingly power-gathering Prime

I regret, Your Excellency, that this is by necessity such a political
letter. I know that I am not alone with these views and I expect that
you will be receiving many similar messages from concerned Canadians.

I hope that you enjoy your New Year’s celebrations!


Kenn Chaplin


One thought on “c.c. PM Harper

  1. Anon

    I wrote her a very polite letter (like yours) last time imploring her not to let Harper prorogue Parliament. I did not even get a reply other than an automatic form letter acknowledging receipt. She should be fired if she allows Harper to prorogue Parliament again and does not deserve the respect from us who are after all paying her a big fat salary.

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