Chris Tindal – my choice to succeed Kyle Rae in Toronto’s Ward 27

Matthew, over at Not an Official Green Party Canada Site, has done an excellent job outlining the reasons why Chris Tindal would make a fantastic member of Toronto City Council for Ward 27 – a race sans incumbent with Kyle Rae’s decision not to run again and, therefore, one race to really watch leading up to the October vote, nine months from today in fact.

Chris is among a half dozen candidates who have already declared (and there will almost certainly be more as the usual suspects try to mount big, capital-P party campaigns) – and Chris, having run as a Green Party of Canada candidate in the ward, will have that great experience to assist in reintroducing himself to much the same constituency.

When you check out his blog you’ll see that Chris articulates a vision for Toronto that is progressive, pragmatic, imaginative, and sensitive to residents living in the city core. His work in policy development for the Green Party will be invaluable to the city which, for the past number of years, has made great strides in changing the way we interact with our environment and stick to a cohesive development plan.

His first priorities are to get the city’s tenuous financial situation under control, to work as a community to create an even better transit system (there is room for improvement, am I right?), and to be an honest broker when it comes to balancing the wishes of commercial developers, business owners and ward residents, motorists and cyclists, the housed and the homeless.

I’ve told Chris at one of his online abodes (a blog comment, a facebook message, I don’t know) that he can sign me up as a volunteer for election day and I will in-fill my commitments between now and then. As a supporter in his previous endeavours, I know that Chris is a great guy to work with and that he’ll be an excellent representative to work FOR our city!

Check him out at his website, on Facebook and Twitter or reach him the old-fashioned email way:


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