Safely out of the foxhole – again

(This is my 800th post, by the way!) 🙂

Y’know that expression, however annoying it can be to hear sometimes (for me at least), about there being no atheists in foxholes?

There’s something about being ill – be it AIDS-related or just bronchial pneumonia such as I’ve experienced since December 28 – that,  while not pulling me back into an old belief system completely, makes me cry out, beseeching if you will, for some relief from an invisible friend.  That’s not unusual, I am sure, regardless of one’s beliefs or lack thereof (the crying out part anyway).

When the crisis is over, as I am loathe to declare lest a jinx be set upon me (how’s that for re-invoking the old images?), I feel so grateful for the simple pleasures – going for coffee and great conversation with a friend this afternoon, stopping by the credit union, picking up my AIDS meds and some groceries – without endlessly sniffling or honking my nose.

Getting some more of my favourite foods in can’t be understated as a salve to my sick-and-tired-of-being-sick-and-tired shell of a body.  (Believe it or not it was possible for me to lose still more weight through this episode, making it even more uncomfortable to sit down without an extra cushion.)

Bottom line – a little perspective from the other side of this long illness, not so much serious as endlessly annoying, is very positive.


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