I read the news today…

…oh BOY!

– but the most I can gather is that scientists may be closer to finding the best way to go after HIV in men.

I had better luck reading this at cbc.ca.

Then I read this comment – and I was off to the races!

fixer1 wrote:Posted 2010/02/12
at 10:01 AM ET The problem we now have is that many people are dieing with aids and not from aids. back when this was all first coming out, if you got aids you would most likely be dead within five years. Now we have people living 20 years and more with the disease nd still no cure. This means that these people will cost the rest of us billions of dollars in healthcare costs and research, just so they can live a life that is viable. This was never meant to be such a large drain on resourcees but it has happened and what are the choices. Much like in Africa people die quickly from aides and that means they then are that many fewer with the problem. If they could get the new ifections under control then their numbers would drop to near zero in 5 years or so. But the facts are the people with aids are raping others to infeect them. That make this a weapon and no longer a disease. If we took a nice pacific island and made it a place to send all aids cases there and we supportted them with the drugs and the where with all to live a respectable life. We could also be an aids free country and the costs would be a tiny part of what they are today. The new infections would and should be near zero and it would not take that long to contain the diseases. As much as this sounds bad, had we done this back in 1980 and rounded up all cases and such at that point we would be nearly free of this disease today. I would prefer to have that donne to me if I were ever to get aids and I would atleast know that I am not harming others. For many form places like Africa, an island with suitiable homes and healthcare with all needs met, would be much better then the poverty they live in now and spreading the disease to others.

To which I responded:

Yes fixer1 I am robbing you blind! I was diagnosed with HIV in 1989 – 21 years ago – when AIDS patients around me were all dying. I expected to share the same fate. I left work and began to drain my employee pension and Canada Pension. The meter is still running. Sorry? Hardly!

“This was never meant to be such a large drain on resources.” Like Health Department bureaucrats pick and choose which diseases to fight and my good fortune in surviving is something I should apologize for? Sorry? Hardly!

I’ve nearly died twice and, yes, the drugs that have saved my life cost in the vicinity of $2200 per month – cost you, that is. Sorry? Hardly!

The illness has drained me physically in ways that I cannot recuperate. I’m 6’3″ tall but only 140 lbs. soaking wet. I have developed type-2 diabetes, in part due to these life-saving drugs but I’ve also lived to see my father die (rather than the other way around) and my niece and nephew have grown from babies to school-age kids who will now always remember their uncle. Sorry? Hardly!

I have never raped anyone. Ever.

Nor have I ever had the pleasure of being on a Pacific island. I’ve never even been under a palm tree but I’d rather keep it that way while remaining poor than being sent to a leper colony by you.

To recap, I’ve lived with HIV for 21 years – 18 of those with full-blown AIDS. I hope that neither you, nor anyone you love, become infected with HIV. I guess a pillar of virtue such as yourself will never have to worry about that.

The Origins of Sexually Transmitted HIV Among Men Who Have Sex with Men

Origin of HIV transmission between males pinpointed


One thought on “I read the news today…

  1. Excellent post. I too am HIV positive and have genital warts which I received from Indian prostitutes. I know I have not done right, but I can’t deny the sexual appetite that we all men have. I was not able to tell anyone about it because of the shame. I am glad to see you fight openly about it.

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