PM Harper reneges on HIV vaccine research

When Saturday’s Globe and Mail flops down on door-steps across the country Saturday, a story will be found of our government’s cynicism and disregard for Canada’s reputation on the world stage. (Finding such a report is not usually handed to us so matter-of-factly although, given the subject matter, it’s a play to the Conservative Party base.)

Quick to campaign on the Opposition not being “up to the job”, that’s the same line the government is using to justify breaking a promise Canada made – with Bill Gates no less – the same Bill Gates who attended the International AIDS Conference held in Toronto in 2008 but which Harper did not.

Poor Mr. Harper and his flock do not like to hear about HIV/AIDS as it pertains to Canada. Bad enough they have to acknowledge the toll it takes away from our shores but to recognize that HIV is in Canada – whether among drug users who share dirty needles (which they stick in their arms!) or share crack pipes with blistered lips or – eww! – have sex (down there AND there!)…well it’s all too much for this government. Research on such matters is the last thing with which we want to bring attention to ourselves. We have a G-8 summit in Toronto to prepare for.

Way to go Mr. Harper!


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