No, no, thank YOU Brian Williams!

brianwilliams-300-05222008-thumb-312x312 bio_williams

Leaving behind a thank-you note was a very kind gesture.

I am a regular viewer of NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams and so I thoroughly enjoyed coverage he and his team gave the Winter Olympics from Vancouver for two weeks.  They even did a nice piece with the two Brian Williams.

Brian Williams meets Brian Williams

Aside from being a regular viewer I was also interested in the NBC News these past couple of weeks because of my curiosity as to how Canada and the Olympics were being portrayed.  I wasn’t disappointed so, while I appreciate your thank you to Canada Brian Williams, I and many Canadians insist on thanking YOU for visiting us and showing a bit of Canada to your domestic viewers.


2 thoughts on “No, no, thank YOU Brian Williams!

  1. While CTV coverage has been extensive, I’ve been annoyed at the number of times they attacked the Own The Podium program that funds Olympic Athletes. They’ve gotten really quiet in the last couple days though as Canada’s medal count has started to jump.

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