Easy Does It

It was not for lack of Vitamin D, absorbed during a short photography walk yesterday, that I awoke before dawn today coming out of an unusually coherent dream and gasping for breath. I knew my blood glucose had crashed; no need to waste a test strip on this. (I had been fasting since 11:30 pm to prepare for a long-overdue blood test twelve hours later.) But I knew this crash took precedence and so I sprang into action. For some reason I didn’t start with orange juice – which would have done the trick – but tore through a strip of soda crackers (with margarine AND peanut putter), then four little pods of yogurt, several gulps of milk and then – then – the direct-from-jug-equivalent of a tall glass of orange juice. And, somewhere in there, a diet cola.

I felt better but was annoyed, of course, that this was happening before the morning had even started and that I would again have to delay these tests. (I’ll see about trying again tomorrow.) I can’t say that I was completely surprised as I had probably not eaten enough throughout the day yesterday to compensate for the extra walking, warm sun, etc.

The lesson? Walking, in moderation, is good. Being out in the sun is great (even better with sunscreen!) Keeping myself – anybody’s self – nourished should go without saying. (I think I came into diabetes as a result of irregular, eat-when-I’m feeling-most-hungry eating.) Ultimately, tomorrow is another day!


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