My last two-day “visit” with Craig three years ago today

From Mourning diary: Craig’s last days – and a few more

April 28, 2007 – Update on Craig

My sister Janice and I came to Montréal today for a visit with Claude, our sister Lynn and Craig. Little could have prepared us for how we found Craig.

He is in very bad shape, from our point of view at first sight, and not even as responsive as he had apparently been yesterday. We`ll visit again tomorrow morning before reporting back to Mom. (We are so thankful she is not here as she holds wonderful memories of their Easter together.)


Much more lies ahead, if he survives, and so I will be heading back to Mom`s tomorrow for at least a few more days. I am fortunate to have options to stay with her, or come back here to Montreal, return home to Toronto or a crazy combination of all three which is probably what my summer will look like should Craig`s life be spared – and that is still by no means certain.


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