Bixi rocks!

Originally uploaded by Kenn Chaplin



Bixi is the name of the private,not-for-profit outfit which rents bicycles at highly visible stands throughout Montréal.  By buying any of a variety of memberships, residents and tourists alike can pick up a bike within a short distance of almost anywhere and drop it off at another such Bixi stand.  For $5 per 24 hours or via passes of various lengths it sure beats having to replace stolen bicycles every six months or so!  (The billboard pictured in Vieux-Montréal is advertising $10 off a pass for a limited time.) 

The bicycles are stylized, if not stylish, and made of very light aluminum by Alcan, one of the program sponsors. 

I saw quite a few of the bicycles around town this week. They’re like two-wheeled Zip cars (even handier) – but helmets, while recommended of course, are not provided for practical reasons. 

Would any bombastic, and other, mayoralty candidate(s) in Toronto care to import this great idea from down the 401?

For now it’s expanding to Washington!


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