Really? Really! Really?

Praying over bread and wine (or grape juice) used to make them the body and blood of Christ – literally, according to the faithful. Then someone dressed Jesus in a white wafer and, poof, a melt-in-your-mouth Christ.

And, while I could see how it would upset the modern-day Pharisees, such a fuss over spontaneously giving Communion to a dog?

St. Peter’s Anglican Church on Carlton Street (pictured below on a decidedly cold winter day) does a lot of good work in the community, far more important than a dust-up over ‘dogma’.


One thought on “Really? Really! Really?

  1. When I was a kid, there was a fooforah about how Rev. Lindsey King, who served at Willowdale United Church, married two mynah birds at city hall. I always thought that was a brilliant service that forced people to think about what makes a relationship holy & who can experience that holiness. The only thing I find sad in this story is that the priest feels embarrassed by her “misguided gesture of welcoming.” When has welcoming ever been misguided? Isn’t that the purpose of the church? to embrace the whole world with a radical welcome?

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