Clint McCance is a man who should be run out of Arkansas

This idiot’s 15 minutes (I don’t expect he’d know what that means) will, hopefully, soon be over but surely not before he loses his elected job on the Midland, Arkansas school board.

Anderson Cooper set the story up this way last evening and then had a couple of great guests, including the whistle-blower:

A screen-shot of McCance’s Facebook page (which has been taken down), quoted by Anderson Cooper,  is kicking around the internet:

It turns out McCance is a bit afraid for the safety of his family – really? While I do not doubt there will be some who have some threatening words for this idiot, there are far more children – the ones he was ridiculing, just recent, public examples – who have, or have considered, suicide and who are in danger.

Was wearing purple last Wednesday, to remember kids who had killed themselves and to draw attention to bullying (by other kids mostly, mind you) just too much for this heat-seeking missile of a crack-pot to stand for?  I’m a little over-heated myself, I grant you.

I don’t know if the women of “The View” will be able to discuss this without smashing the furniture but it’s over-heated reactions – and by a school board vice-president no less – to grassroots movements of commemoration and education such as we saw a week ago Wednesday that make them all the more necessary.

No blogger, not even Anderson Cooper, is going to change the mind of a monster like Clint McCance (and should he ever apologize my guess it would be along the lines of “If I have offended anyone…”) but this is an opportunity for the people of Midland, and everywhere else in need of some soul-searching, to talk to one another and make an effort to see that there is nothing to be feared in difference.  Your children’s lives may depend on it!

This is an occasion when a wide variety of people, not just queer activists, should make their views about this known to Mr. McCance, the school board, and each other.

Now I need to remind myself (thank you Jo-Anne), with six hours sleep ahead if I’m lucky, that I am 51 years old and no one in my circles today is a bully. C. G. (“Mr. G” to me) is long dead and gone.

That will not stop me from calling out others like him as I see them.


2 thoughts on “Clint McCance is a man who should be run out of Arkansas

  1. william wallace

    We all should take account Clint having brought to focus an grave problem that long remained ignored.

    Clint could have said nothing /but speaking out has shown great courage and in such deserves respect as
    admiration / he indeed is worthy of praise applause.

    Clint has shown the uncaring attitude that in having brought about situations that young people feel they
    have no alternative but that where turn unto suicide.

    Does Clint himself lack in understanding ? a fool ?.
    NO the reality being rather a fool Clint has a depth of understanding that uncommon / as such people will misjudge his motives his intentions thus judge badly.

    Clint has done more in a few words to bring attention to a very very dire problem // than those whom having used million words that in having fallen on deaf ears.

    Thus be of an good nature toward Clint having much were thankful for /he’s shown by example a courage
    that most uncommon/ doing so deserving our praise.

    With western nations there having been centuries of religious brainwashing / that coming from the early version of the bible //where woman tempted man with lust of the flesh thus man then evicted from heaven
    centuries seen of teaching such nonsense / has been unfair to woman / as unto every child born where it taught be a result of SIN born of lust of the flesh.

    With the second part of the bible it gets worse it taught all must accept JESUS whom christians claim
    the son of God in claiming JESUS(not born of lust)
    but born of a virgin (thus free of Sin) that being
    free of SIN he had the ability in removing the SIN

    Centuries of such halfbaked crackpot nonsense has
    caused great damage to western nations/ as in the
    attitudes to sex. / It only the last few decades there SEEN the need of sexual understanding GIVEN
    to the growing chid / where a result of religious halfbaked nonsense towards sex / people suffered
    centuries sexual guilt children a product of SIN.

    With western nations an ability to read write was witheld for centuries. / Church Authority fearing
    with their education the people / would challenge
    the Authority of the Church / with education then
    the people would but question religious teachings.

    Thus for centuries a ability of learning was lost
    only offered / open to an privliged circle of few never (rare) the female whom t’was taught through
    religious folly t’was she brought man’s downfall.

    The idea that sexual relationships are only right when betwixt an man & woman but complete nonsense.
    Such judgement being based on halfbaked religious nonsense / one should add its centuries of forced
    brainwashing nonsense. / Sadly for children their
    religious brainwashing can /does start very young
    3yrs 4yrs 5yrs which taught if they don’t believe
    what told they’ll go to a place called HELL where
    cast into a fire / thus knowing eternal suffering.

    HOWEVER if believe the nonsense told /they’ll go
    to a place called HEAVEN / thus knowing only joy
    in HEAVEN where be in the company of GOD / JESUS.

    Brothers Sisters humanity on a journey in knowing
    self / on such journey the brain in costant state
    of development / it being periods where the efort
    be in holding unto fixed ideas beliefs // such is
    not always done with bad intention. Many souls in
    wishing to bring a set order a set structure thus
    the intention toward humanity held good intention.

    HOWEVER others wished holding set ideas / beliefs
    in that it gave them power / the power of control.

    THE REALITY holding of set beliefs ideas / is not
    the true nature of humaity. / The brain always in
    a state of development / furthering experience in
    furthering ones understanding / till the ultimate goal of life be sighted the dawn of enlightenment.

    Thus we are in a constant state of development it
    not always easy /more so when nations are divided
    in themselves /as nations turn against each other
    where ideas / beliefs /differ/ bringing suffering.

    In time shall come great depth in understanding as
    experience / that unites all nations as one family.
    At present time humanity being at the darkest hour before the dawn //having completed a great part of our journey home. /Many are tired / weary in their having travelled long. / Yet /it be asked for more faith / courage / trust / in the Almighty as ALLAH.

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