Kodak moments or scenes




I am sticking my neck out and entering a photo contest.  Actually I’ve already sent my entry in.  Would I be jinxing my chances if I told you which of these five finalists, from my extensive collection, I chose?

Here’s what I wrote with my submission:

When I think of Perth, where I visit family several times throughout
the year, I think of the magnificent heritage of historic stone
buildings in such great supply. So, while this happens to be an
exterior wall of the museum, it could almost be anywhere in the older
precincts of Perth.  The flower does what the people and character of
Perth do to the buildings – brings them to life and keeps them a
vibrant link with the past as the town forges ahead into the future.
As an aside, I photographed a walking tour of Perth when I most
recently visited at Thanksgiving.  I appreciated receiving a copy of
this walking tour from your neighbours at the Chamber of Commerce!

Museum garden


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