An “AIDS day”

I can’t remember who first coined the phrase (and whether he’s still alive), or where I heard it, but I’m having an “AIDS day” – not as bad as they used to be,  mind you, but unmistakable all the same.

My stomach feels bloated, despite not having eaten anything solid since mid-morning, and the bathroom is my current BFF.

Despite earlier hopes of being among friends this evening I have spent the afternoon mixing analogies. To wit, I am trudging the road of happy destiny, paved with good intentions (and we know where that leads!)  Fear not, I’m not feeling vulnerable in that way but I am very sorry to be missing yet another Monday night get-together.

So, yes, an “AIDS day” is one of those days when my body just feels overwhelmed by a multiplicity of factors – digestion, or not, medications perhaps, and the ever-lingering effects of a sinus infection which – while not being treated with a third round of antibiotics (yet) – manifests itself in boar-like snorting, spitting and coughing and the occasional ear plugging or popping as a result.  You’re welcome.

Sometimes I think my outlook is too maudlin, other times I don’t think I’m self-revealing enough.  Would this be a Goldilocks post?


One thought on “An “AIDS day”

  1. I think “Maudlin” seems to be my norm lately. Just in a funk I can’t seem to get out of and never feeling well lately. It’s so frustrating to want to do things – go to town, socialize, exist – and just not feeling up to par… And when I do actually make an effort it seems to take days to recover.

    So yes, maudlin – for me at least – fits…

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