World AIDS Day 2010 – Stories – 3 – “Kim and Alex” by JPK

Each writer in this series has generously given me permission to post their work. The views and experiences shared are their own. Where applicable, links will also be provided at the end of the piece.

The best thing that I can say about Kim at this point is that she blessed the world with her son Alex. He is a beautiful, talented and loving little boy of 11. All those that know him are enriched. All those that know him also know that he will be forever dealing with the legacy of his mother’s illnesses.

Thankfully he was born HIV negative. Kim was HIV+. I do give her credit for complying with the medical advice to receive in vitro treatment for Alex and to have him by cesarean section. She did however use drugs when she was pregnant with him and it is likely he was conceived while Kim was using crack. Alex must pay for that indulgence with a learning disability and possibly many other effects of his mother’s drug abuse as of yet undiagnosed. Are the drug addiction and being HIV + related? Absolutely! The latter was contracted through sharing needles or unsafe sex while high.

And now she is gone. An overdose. It is undetermined if it was intentional or accidental. Regardless, the rest of us are here trying desperately to support Alex, to help him grow and to save him from his mother’s legacy.

I am angry and I write through a veil of tears for all concerned.


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