Despite impressive hits from Google, I didn’t like the shape and tone of an argument presented here yesterday, ostensibly against PM Harper’s latest cynical Senate appointments but really a tirade against someone not named (yet) so I’ve removed it.

I take my leave of Toronto for the holidays and go to my family’s ancestral home in Perth (Lanark County), Ontario, a place of beauty which, second only to Montreal, is my sentmental home. (The latest banner picture is what I’ve nicknamed Glen Tay holly :))

Merry Christmas!


4 thoughts on “Peace

    1. Hi Simon,

      Cryptic…yes maybe. I did not mean to imply that I was being threatened with a lawsuit or soething 🙂 As much as I welcomed the chance to take on Chucky McVicious, I decided it was a long stretch to draw him into my guffaw at the new Senate appointment(s). Not having seen that particular YouTube video before I had no idea he had struck so close to home – so I’ll take it on by itself some time.

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