A piece o’ me on the Perth ice

Although there’s been a major melt since, just as my bruises have changed colour, I encountered some very thick and slippery ice in Perth over the holidays.

During a post-Christmas walk a patch of ice between Codes Mill and Stewart Park got the better of me. In fact I feel like I left a piece of me there, even though landing on my wallet probably saved me from an even harder fall. Fortunately I kept my head up, and my previously-fractured wrist as well, but there was no saving my gluteus maximus (as minimus as it is) from feeling the impact as I went flat-out on well-formed ice. I was pissed off enough to get up very quickly and I was very glad that Craig’s long KANUK coat added to my protection.


3 thoughts on “A piece o’ me on the Perth ice

  1. Bonnie

    Dear Kenn;

    While searching for photos of ice on the internet I stumbled across your beautiful photo of this bridge and ice/water/river. I was wondering if I could have your permission to use it in a painting some day.

    I’m a professional procrastinator so it’s highly doubtful I’ll get to it any time soon, but in the off chance that I should, I’d rather have your blessings.

    I look forward to hearing from you!

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