Michael Lucas and the ‘pink-washed’ liner notes of “Men of Israel”

His fans might be forgiven for not actually knowing his name. Michael Lucas has made millions from gay men who have bought, or otherwise paid to view, one of hs 100+ films – roughly eighty percent of which he has starred in.

Lucas touched off a controversy last week when he threatened to pull his money, and influence over many fundraising events, from the LGBT Center of New York after he learned of the “Smash Israeli Apartheid” party scheduled for tomorrow night or, as Gay City News put it, Firestorm Over LGBT Center Jettisoning Critics of Israel. The Center gave in; the event was cancelled but plenty of other events for New York’s Israeli Apartheid Week are underway.

Torontonians, who also have many events to take in, are familiar with the anti-free speech lobby which tries to shut down events drawing attention to Israeli Apartheid. Just think back to the months leading up to last year’s Pride Week.

(The discussion isn’t over.)

Michael Lucas, who also writes a conservative column for The Advocate, doesn’t hide his contempt for anti-apartheid activists.

A proud accomplishment of his was the production last year of an all-Jewish porn film in Israel. In the notes (in bold below) he couldn’t resist taking digs at Arab neighbours or Israeli Palestinians for that matter while waxing poetic on Israel. It’s called pink-washing.


(Click “About” to see the original rendering on the website)

Lucas Entertainment’s MEN OF ISRAEL is a landmark for its namesake nation, and the production has pioneered a new level of accomplishment in history.

Besides the throbbing hot men, Israel is a beautiful country with a beautiful culture. It is a phenomenal country where people can truly be liberated and live as they please.

In a sea of hostility and intolerance of the Middle East, Israel is the beacon of freedom. In every surrounding country homosexuality is illegal, often punishable by flogging and even hanging. Presently Israel remains the only country in the Middle East to provide legal protection for gays. Many LGBT individuals have relocated to Israel, often fleeing cruel intolerance that includes physical abuse, exile, or death.

The nation is a trailblazer in the area of gay rights, and the only nation in the Middle East and Asia to recognize same-sex marriages. “This is a liberal country where gay people have all the rights, actually more rights, than gays in the United States,” states Lucas, “There is no ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ policy. Israeli gay men have been able to serve openly in the army since 1993 and gay couples are granted the right to adopt children.” Israel draws its population from over 90 countries, creating a truly progressive, multicultural society.

The global media has created an image of Israel as war-torn nation, which streets are lined with destroyed debris and crumbling ruins. Publicly broadcasted footage is always filmed in either Gaza or the West Bank, regardless of whether or not the story has a pro or anti-Israeli angle. Never are we shown Tel Aviv, Haifa, the Red Sea, the Dead Sea resorts, the beautiful beaches, the amazing architecture and the embracing culture that allows its citizens to thrive.

For this reason, other than showcasing the raw, sexual prowess of Israel men, Lucas also has completed MEN OF ISRAEL as a bold move to promote Israeli culture and tourism. As with the tourist boom in countries like Czech Republic, which became popular gay travel destinations through movies of this type, Lucas aims to parlay the MEN OF ISRAEL’s success into a tourist hike for the nation. Eastern European countries had little to no promotion for the savvy excursionist. “These places did not exist on the map as a destination locale until Bel Ami came along. With their representation through adult movies, these countries were exposed to the realm of gay travelers,” states Lucas. “Through porn, people will enjoy not only watching hot men having hot sex, but also seeing them in their remarkable natural environment, and this is what I intend to do for Israel.”

Here are just a few of the unique attractions that Israel boasts:

  • Israel has an abundance of historical sites that you will not be able to see all of in one visit
  • Stunning architecture
  • Wide array of intriguing arts & museums
  • Amazing natural resorts and national parks with hot springs, spectacular wildlife and beautiful gardens. Israel boasts seven climate zones, ranging from dry to tropical and hot to cold
  • Gorgeous waters like the Mediterranean, Red and Dead Seas, and Sea of Gallilee, with beautiful beach and great availability of outdoor activities, ranging from scuba diving to fishing
  • Delicious organic food with fresh meat & fish, as Israel has wonderfully developed agriculture
  • Eclectic restaurants featuring cuisines from all over the world.
  • Israel a paradise for young gay men and women with numerous modern clubs, bars, and other outdoor activities specifically for our community.
  • Friendly and warm people who speak fluent English
  • Short distance to travel from one location to another without taking planes (one can travel anywhere in the country by car).
  • On top of that, traveling within Israel is much cheaper than traveling through the United States or Western Europe.

Lucas will use the rare scenery along with the stunning locals in MEN OF ISRAEL. The film showcases the unforgettable and entrancing mountain ranges, the extraordinary sunset hues over the desert, the Dead Sea and the pristine views of the Mediterranean Sea and modern Tel Aviv as a backdrop. Of course, the film also features the beauty of Israeli men. What we have captured on film is a groundbreaking sexual revolution.


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