Spring at Allan’s Mill (as previously seen on Facebook)

Scotch Line Cemetery and Allan's Mill

Grant’s Creek doesn’t even make it on to the map (as a tributary of the Tay River) but, as the pictures show, it was rushing at full spring speed a couple of weeks ago, roaring past the former Allan’s Mill.  The country road it is on, bearing the mill’s name, is an alternate, and prettier, route to the Scotch Line Cemetery than through the Kelford automobile dump off the Scotch Line.


2 thoughts on “Spring at Allan’s Mill (as previously seen on Facebook)

  1. I paused in the middle of writing a comment and so don’t know if it was submitted or not.

    I just wanted to say that I took a longer look at your photos this morning. They express beautifully the abundant life that spring brings.The movement of the water reminds me of the depth of love we feel for those we love – whether they are physically with us or not- and of the mysterious ongoing relationship we have with them.

    I checked the name of the river I mentioned yesterday – that had the transporter bridge. It is the Tees not the Tay.

    It was good to spend time with you yesterday. I hope the buoyancy of spring carries you through this paradoxical time.

  2. Hi Yvonne,

    Thank you for your beautiful reflections.

    I had hoped to remember the name of the white-and yellow wildflower you told me but, alas, I have forgotten. I’d appreciate a reminder.

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