Sakura Hanami welcomes spring in Toronto’s High Park

Spring arrives with a flourish in High Park with the centuries-old Japanese tradition of Sakura Hanami or cherry blossom flower viewing. The Japanese flowering cherry trees form the back-drop (and over-hang) of what can just as easily be a social or a meditative experience. What had begun as an afternoon outing with a friend, (only to discover that I had forgotten to pack my camera!), ended with this return trip in the evening and a stroll by Grenadier Pond closer to the approach of dusk.

Click on the smaller version of the first image below for the entire collection.

Image hosted by
by kenngc


2 thoughts on “Sakura Hanami welcomes spring in Toronto’s High Park

  1. Yvonne Stewart

    How disappointing to have forgotten your camera. I assume you took these great photos with your friend’s camera – or your friend took them. I almost feel as if I were there.

    I recently read, Hitching Rides with the Buddha, by Will Ferguson, He followed the cherry blossoms across Japan – but the book is more about the people he met and the places he went than about the blossoms. Still an enjoyable read.

    1. Thanks Yvonne,

      Your comment prompted me to clarify that I had gone back in the evening WITH my camera (but without my friend).

      I’ve heard of that book (it sounds interesting!) and I must say, as stunning as the blossoms were, I was fascinated to see the reactions of the people. I/we experienced beauty as spiritual.

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