Sakura Hanami welcomes spring in Toronto’s High Park

Spring arrives with a flourish in High Park with the centuries-old Japanese tradition of Sakura Hanami or cherry blossom flower viewing. The Japanese flowering cherry trees form the back-drop (and over-hang) of what can just as easily be a social or a meditative experience. What had begun as an afternoon outing with a friend, (only to discover that I had forgotten to pack my camera!), ended with this return trip in the evening and a stroll by Grenadier Pond closer to the approach of dusk.

Click on the smaller version of the first image below for the entire collection.

Image hosted by
by kenngc

2 thoughts on “Sakura Hanami welcomes spring in Toronto’s High Park

  1. How disappointing to have forgotten your camera. I assume you took these great photos with your friend’s camera – or your friend took them. I almost feel as if I were there.

    I recently read, Hitching Rides with the Buddha, by Will Ferguson, He followed the cherry blossoms across Japan – but the book is more about the people he met and the places he went than about the blossoms. Still an enjoyable read.

    • Thanks Yvonne,

      Your comment prompted me to clarify that I had gone back in the evening WITH my camera (but without my friend).

      I’ve heard of that book (it sounds interesting!) and I must say, as stunning as the blossoms were, I was fascinated to see the reactions of the people. I/we experienced beauty as spiritual.

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