Follow-up on my aches and pains

The x-rays (not exactly as pictured) last week were negative for anything untoward. All bones, and metal objects substituting for same reinforcing my femur, are intact. That’s a relief!

The aches and pains continue intermittently, however, with suggestions of recovery pointing to physiotherapy or just grinning and bearing it (or grimacing and bearing less weight as the case may be).

Self-assessing, as I am wont to do, I’d say that 2003-installed parts in a nearly 52-year old leg (and gait traits – “the Butler-Chaplin walk” – which go back generations) lead me to conclude I might just as well modify and adapt to my circumstances…for now at least.

The spare parts don’t bend in the same way, in the same place, as those from the gene pool. That stands to reason.

Pun not intended, but left in once I saw it!

So I shall add “elegant walking sticks” to things that I collect!


3 thoughts on “Follow-up on my aches and pains

  1. Yvonne Stewart

    Glad there are no breaks. Hope the walking sticks won’t be permanent. If there turn out to be leegant is good!

    Hope we cab get togeter next week.


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