Walking the Glen Tay Block

This time last year, visiting Perth for Thanksgiving, I set out for a walk, the route of which I could easily picture in my mind but the distance (see map)…not so much.

It seems an even longer walk to recall, one year later, limited as I am by injury.

I was not even beyond the old town limits when I wondered what I had gotten myself into and yet seemed bent on proving something to myself.  I knew all the landmarks and, besides, the route is a running course for the historic Glen Tay Block Race and I certainly had no plans to exert myself beyond a steady walk.

The old stone mill along the Tay River at Glen Tay is now a private residence.

It was a beautiful walk, although I don’t have a lot of pictures to show for it. If you refer again to the map, you’ll see a jag off the “block” route. I misjudged just how far it would be to go to my Mom’s very first home on the Upper Scotch Line. When I did finally get there I photographed the wrong house! Next time I go back for a look, it will be in a car!


2 thoughts on “Walking the Glen Tay Block

  1. There’s a chance I might be in Perth this coming weekend. If I get there, perhaps I’ll get to walk along the Tay. The photos highlight how beautiful this area is.

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