Holiday weekend pictures – and a splash of misadventure – from Perth and Calabogie

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by kenngc  Click on the pic for the complete album.

There’s a story to go with the final handful of pictures from Allan’s Mill, one of my favourite spots.  As I walked along the banks of the creek, walking backwards mind you so as to get the view I was looking for, I fell flat into the water – soaking me from head to toe!  Craig’s partner Claude watched helplessly from downstream and across the river.

I managed to get up, heavier by about ten litres of water in my clothes, and squished and squeaked my way over to Claude.  I was concerned, of course, for my camera (so far I only managed to salvage the memory card inside  – outside things are a little steamed up) but Claude wanted to get me back to Mom’s as quickly as possible so I could get out of the wet clothes.

Nervous at what Mom’s reaction would be, we hoped that she might be upstairs napping when we got there (she was) to make getting the duds into the laundry without her catching on.  She wasn’t long hearing the water going, of course, and so we gingerly told her what had happened.

We decided that, besides not needing any more pictures from Allan’s Mill (I have all four seasons and then some), I should vow to venture nowhere that a wheelchair could not go.

As it is, I’m feeling pretty sore; hopeful that I won’t get another case of bursitis!


2 thoughts on “Holiday weekend pictures – and a splash of misadventure – from Perth and Calabogie

  1. I hope you and your camera are in an improving state of repair after your unfortunate mishap.
    The photos as always are great. Perth is such a lovely and historic community.Perhaps the tourism folk would be interested in your work – a great way to promote Perth with such great images and background information.

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