Canada’s government, rightfully shamed in Copenhagen, too arrogant to see it

I say, “Bien oui!” to The Yes Men!

Copenhagen Spoof Shames Canada; Climate Debt No Joke

The Yes Men Punk Canada

Who Are The Yes Men and Why Did They Punk Canada at Copenhagen

Like Rick Mercer and This Hour has 22 Minutes, there’s a lot more truth than spoof in the treatment of Canada’s environmental policy by American satirists/activists The Yes Men. While I used to take great, smug pleasure in Rick Mercer “Talking to Americans” I feel shame for our country with the band of environmental pirates who purport to govern for all of Canada.

Stephen Harper, Jim Prentice and their cadre of environmental hooligans, in encouraging the tar sands development to just keep on going, treat the boreal forests of Alberta like a giant ash-tray, clear-cutting ancient forests and then further degrading the area by strip-mining down and down and down scraping up tar and then extracting the oil – the dirtiest oil business on the planet.

It’s like Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble are in charge except that in their quarry the tar sands and their exploiters were just a glimmer in the eye of Bedrock. Dinosaurs, at least in terms of brain size, can still be found in the halls of Parliament.

So Yes Men, keep it coming. The government of my country will not see the humour – they are rarely capable of finding it in anything other than bullying, knee-slapping jabs at anyone who disagrees with them.


Ducks drown in symbol of human excess

Warning: According to my blog stats this is my 666th post. Please proceed with caution. 🙂

The next time you are idling in a drive-thru, wasting gas the price of which has you so hopping mad, think of the unsuspecting ducks, migrating as they do this time of year, who unwittingly drowned after being bound and gagged in a pond by waste products from Syncrude in Alberta’s dinosaur swamp tar sands.


Naming colonial arrogance

I’m going to try to be more deliberate in following the issues of aboriginal rights which, frankly, don’t get the detailed national media coverage they deserve. 

The summer tourism season will present other opportunities for members, and settler allies, of the Algonquins of the Sharbot Lake area to engage in protest as they act against mining companies and also try to get legislation like the Mining Act revamped.

With Bob Lovelace and the KI 6 in prison, this video is a good primer on the dispute over uranium mining on First Nations’ land north of Kingston and why more settlers need to get involved in getting some action out of our governments.

On my last visit to the Perth area, in Lanark County to the east of Sharbot Lake, it was heartening to see signs of support for the First Nations on lawns and in fields.  The same can be said in other counties around eastern Ontario.  The mining of uranium is of concern to many people there – native and settler alike.

Here’s a link to the Community Coalition Against Mining Uranium

Then there are the on-going disputes over a gravel pit in Tyendinaga (the Deseronto area) and a new settler subdivision on disputed lands of The Six Nations of the Grand River in Caledonia.


Earth Hour 2008


From the CTV report I have posted the stupidest of the viewer comments. Thankfully there were many, not shown, who were better informed. (It seems that several dinosaur fossils are out of the tar for the weekend.)

this is so silly I am going to turn on every light in my house from 8-9

john in ontario
It’s 7:59 and every light in my house that isn’t on is going on. I’m starting up a wash load I’ve been saving all day. Take that Suzuki!

I think this is a silly idea. I try to save energy every day and I don’t need other people to badger me. I will save energy my own way.

I’m turning on all of my house lights, running all 3 vehicles, and we are making a great big bonfire in the back yard … and my stereo is being turned up very loud.

Green garbage doesn’t interest me, especially when it’s based on poor science.

I’ll turn off my lights the day Fruit-Fly Guy and Al Gore put their money where their mouth is and set up permanent residence in a cave. Until then, you will not tell me what I can and can’t do! So, my lights are on and the cars are running!!!

surrender – toronto
my lights are still on

Tim Toronto
maybe if it was done on a continuous monthly basis with some lasting year round results it would have merit.But to do it once is nothing more than a publicity stunt with no long term value or goals except to give the illusion and make some feel warm and fuzzy inside.Give me a break the city of Toronto is going to participate and everyear are summers have more and more severe poluted days!!!

I hope the participants realize that the coal-fired generating stations did not reduce their emission outputs one iota during this self-induced publicity stunt. If people want real energy-use reductions, maybe Mr. Bennett could convince his lemmings to follow him off a cliff.

So are we going to have a “Mars Hour” too? … ’cause I mean, the ice caps on Mars are melting as well, and CLEARLY that is caused by our C02 (or maybe it’s the Mars Rover).

We must save Mars from Man-Made Global War– wait…

Scott Richter
Never did anything different this evening if it takes an “Earth Hour” for the population to conserve resources I think we are already screwed.

I don’t need government, hand wringing neighbors (comrades), or the hypocritical elite telling me how to think or what to believe.

I’ll fall on side with those that value individual freedoms and thought not group think based on emotional gobbledygook, and potentially flawed science, that’s making the gifted few very rich and powerful.

The idea is silly because saving energy should not be a “New Year’s Resolution” kind of concept. Just like birthday cards and Mother’s Day cards, if you really care you should be doing it everyday without being prompted and without occasion.

When children are taught to follow others through some event they are likely to wait to be led. I never wait. I get going once I see the need. I use my own senses and I never take other people’s words for granted. Would you like your children to be leaders or followers? Do you believe everything people tell you?

If we need events like these to teach children and ill-informed adults then each day of the year would be filled with special public awareness events.

And what do you do with the other 8,759 hours of the year for energy conservation?

G.B. Logan
I know why ‘ignorant fools’, ‘idiots’ and ‘morons’ like me are posting doing earth hour, but why those who think it’s a wonderful idea? Are their computers run by solar power?
And the bonfires? the batteries in the flashlights?
And (as I said before) the paraffin in the candles?

laureen.. ur a tool! I for one am very proud to say that I killed my main breaker, and had fun without electricity! This was great and we should do it more often!

Mr Chillz
This is just a dry run for world global governance. Pretty soon they will write some draconian law that says we have to do this all the time.

What a farse…..

Wow … not me.

The difference between me and you is that I don’t pretend to care. I love my afluent life style and plan on keeping it. I’m not a hypocrite like the rest of you who want to feel good by living in the dark for one hour, but have no intention of giving up your standard of living. You are limousine Liberals of the worst kind … or just hippies.

My lights are on.

HYPOCRITS!….all of you. I’ll believe you are actually serious when you give up electricity, heat, telephone, vehicles, and every other convenience in life. Until then, you are simply play-acting and horribly delusional.

Has this sham changed the attitudes of a single person? No. People are still going to drive 120 km/h in their Hummers down the 401; people are still going to “forget” to recycle; people will still use alkaline batteries and throw them out when they are finished. Start making real changes, not coming up with events that do absolutely nothing.

Globull Warming is the biggest hoax perpetrated on Mankind. Gore’s movie has already been proven false, The hottest years of the last century were in the 1930’s – not recently. In fact, since 1998, the Earth bas been cooling year to year.

The TRUE morons here are the “watermelons” – green on the outside but red on the inside.

Environmentalism is the new home of extreme Leftists, trying to control other people’s lives through arbitrary government laws.

Robert Wood
I am sorry for those of you who are actually doing this silly WWF publicity stunt, thinking it will “help the Earth”.

Why is it silly? Because it is the Sun that causes climate on the Earth, not feeble minded enviro-mentalists and their dupes.

Why are followers of this silliness dupes? Because Al Gore is a charleton and the WWF, Greenpeace and related organizations are billion dollar multinational businesses that rake in the money from believers like the Catholic church of the middle ages. You can even buy indulgances.

Robert, Ottawa

Thomas Hood
This is foolish i didnt turn off one light AT ALL for the sole reason that it was proven on Mythbusters that you use more power by turning them off then back on then you would just by leaving them on! Plus the Leafs are on HNIC and are beating the Habs 4-1 🙂

I’m turning ALL my lights on for that hour and going for a 1 hour drive in my gas guzzling SUV for that hour.

This is one of the most stupidest ideas I have ever heard. Here in Calgary this past winter, we have set new records for daily energy consumptions. 1 hour today or ever will make a difference, when countries like China, India, Russia, etc. don’t do anything. It is not a man made problem and it isn’t a man made solution.

I turned on my Christmas lights in protest.

Jake in Ottawa
Turning off a light for one hour is kind of like pretending to diet by not eating for one hour and then saying ‘thank God that’s over; now I’ll have a Big Mac.’

The main problems with this event are the impractical nature of the gesture and the naive mindset of people who ascribe to it. Events like these are empty and ill-conceived gestures for people who like to feel good or feel that they are good people. Everyone goes back to business as usual after a few days.

Lights stay on in some places because burglars make hay when you tell everyone days in advance exactly when you will turn off the lights. It takes 5 minutes to break a shop window and loot. Haven’t you heard of black-outs? How naive can you be?

I turned all my lights out left the house and egged every house with there lights on for an hour.

Kate from Sk
Raise awareness? Educate?

For crying out loud, Y2Kyoto hysteria has been crammed down our throats for the past three years and counting.

A snowflake cannot melt in this nation without making it to the national news. There is so much hysteria and so little common sense, and it’s demonstrated by ridiculous examples like this – an activist group’s fund raising press release being treated as news.

So, no thanks. I don’t need my awareness raised. I dont’ need to be educated. I’ve learned everything I need to know just watching 10,000 hypocrites jetting to Bali, from David Suzuki and his second home.

Or as it has been pointed out by others – I’ll believe it’s a crisis when the people who say it’s a crisis start acting like it’s a crisis.

I’m aware, all right.

But, I’m saying “NO. I will not participate in your insanity.”


Greens are fired up for St. Paddy’s Day election in Toronto Centre

GPC leader Elizabeth May, former leader Jim Harris and candidate Chris Tindal call for history to be made!


It was really great to meet Green Party of Canada leader Elizabeth May at a rally held for Toronto Centre by-election candidate Chris Tindal. Following a very encouraging warm-up from former leader Jim Harris, Chris and Elizabeth were pumped!

This was Chris’ speech:

Elizabeth’s closer is here:

And the evening started off with these encouraging observations from Jim:

It was also great to meet some other former NDippers there and former progressive (former because he is progressive) Conservative candidate Mark Warner.

Meanwhile, Elections Canada is sending out revised “vote at” cards, at least in my polling area, and I saw an unfortunate number of them discarded near my building’s community mailbox. (We’re voting at St. Luke’s United Church NOT St. Peter’s Anglican!)


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Harper Conservatives favour assisted suicide

…and the Liberals, NDP and/or the Bloq will be the ones who pull their plug.

The latest confidence motion that the Reform-Alliance-Conservatives have advanced is playing politics with the Canadian Forces in Afghanistan who, like it or not, are doing Parliament’s bidding in an atmosphere where “Support Our Troops” is too often hijacked by those who support dragging out Canada’s major role in the conflict.

The Star reports an edited version of the Conservatives’ motion as follows:

Whereas, as set out in the Speech from the Throne, the House does not believe that Canada should simply abandon the people of Afghanistan after February 2009; that Canada should build on its accomplishments and shift to accelerate the training of the Afghan army and police so that the government of Afghanistan can defend its own sovereignty and ensure that progress in Afghanistan is not lost and that our international commitments and reputation are upheld;

whereas in February 2002, the government took a decision to deploy 850 troops to Kandahar, the Canadian Forces have served in various capacities and locations in Afghanistan since that time and, on May 17, 2006, the House adopted a motion to support a two-year extension of Canada’s deployment in Afghanistan;

whereas the House welcomes the Report of the Independent Panel on Canada’s Future Role in Afghanistan, chaired by John Manley, and recognizes the important contribution they have made;

whereas their report establishes clearly that security is an essential condition of good governance and lasting development and that, for best effect, all three components of a comprehensive strategy – military, diplomatic and development – need to reinforce each other;

whereas the government accepts the analysis and recommendations of the panel and is committed to taking action, including revamping Canada’s reconstruction and development efforts to give priority to direct, bilateral project assistance that addresses the immediate, practical needs of the Afghan people, especially in Kandahar;

whereas the results of progress in Afghanistan, including Canada’s military deployment, will be reviewed in 2011 and, in advance, the government will provide to the House an assessment and evaluation of progress, drawing on and consistent with the panel’s recommendations regarding performance standards, results, benchmarks and timelines;

therefore, the House supports the continuation of Canada’s current responsibility for security in Kandahar beyond February 2009, to the end of 2011, in a manner fully consistent with the UN mandate on Afghanistan, but with increasing emphasis on training the Afghan National Security Forces expeditiously to take increasing responsibility for security in Kandahar and Afghanistan as a whole so that, as the Afghan National Security Forces gain capability, Canada’s combat role should be commensurately reduced, on condition that:

(a) Canada secure a partner that will provide a battle group of approximately 1,000 to arrive and be operational no later than February 2009, to expand International Security Assistance Force’s security coverage in Kandahar;

(b) to better ensure the safety and effectiveness of the Canadian contingent, the government secure medium helicopter lift capacity and high performance Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance before February 2009.

I, like millions of Canadians, do not want the war in Afghanistan to go on indefinitely but the women and men of our Canadian Armed Forces over there must surely be disheartened that their government would so cynically plot to end Parliament’s life by turning them into political pawns.

The government of a fixed election date (in 2009) will, hopefully, be turfed out for one of the myriad other reasons Canadians have lost confidence in them – the mishandling of the climate change crisis, the squandering of the government surplus, meanspiritedness, arrogance…(and feel free to add more reasons in the comments section!)

What also ticks me off is the prospect of byelections (including one in my own riding of Toronto Centre) being scuttled before their March 17 date – not that this had not crossed my mind from the start – meaning the need to pay again the start-up costs of an election campaign, which my Green candidate Chris Tindal explains better here.

As the Green Party website says here, it would be a shame if, while no doubt advancing its other neo-con planks of an election platform, the Harper Conservatives ultimately begin electioneering as the result of a vote playing partisan games over such an emotional issue that Canadian Forces families face every day.


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