So now it may be the lame-duck phase before Obama moves. Pat Robertson will like the duck tie-in. Shame on you Obama!

It seems as if even the worst whispers from the Clinton presidential campaign last year, concerning Barack Obama and LGBT rights, may not be too far off the mark. Shame!


Obama’s highest-ranking gay official says DOMA and the military gay ban currently have no chance of being repealed

Daily Kos: Flashback – Obama campaigned on pro-equality agenda, elected after supporting civil rights for GLBT Americans

wenn2238173__oPtI’ve posted on Rachel Maddow’s coverage of this here, and many others have been weighing in.

Now Jed Lewison of Daily Kos has put together some video evidence of President Obama’s promises to LGBT voters and supporters.

Click here to view the video.

These are urgent matters, Mr. Obama. Stop taking LGBT votes for granted and patronizing us. Proposition 8 in California showed you the tightrope you walk. Many who voted against Prop 8 voted for you. We all know that.

Proclaiming Pride Month was a nice gesture but you have the political capital, and lots of time before future elections, to live up to your campaign promises with integrity – particularly when the courts hand opportunities to you on a platter.

Don’t disappoint any longer.


There are many things you can get to work on that cost little or nothing.

If necessary, your Secretary of State could lend a hand as she brought many LGBT supporters over to you last November, after you began courting them big-time a year ago.

President Obama takes support of gays for granted – shame!

What a disappointment. An otherwise principled guy (so many of us thought) sides with the ball-scratchers and Prop 8-backers who voted for him. Will it take multiple trips to any number of combinations of Supreme Court Justices of the future to wrest equality from the government, as it did here in Canada? I hope not.

June 27, 2009: Stonewall uprising’s 40th anniversary

In a matter of weeks New York, if not the whole gay world, will mark the fortieth anniversary of what came to be known as The Stonewall Riots. (The link takes you to a great panel discussion moderated by Charlie Rose.)

The riots (a response to the latest in a long series of police raids and other harassment of ‘homosexual’ bar patrons, including the Stonewall Inn in New York’s Greenwich Village) have long been viewed as a major starting point in the equality movement for those of us somewhere in the LGBTTIQQ2S community. (That abbreviation looks more Welsh the more I see it.)

We perhaps owe the last straw to the death and funeral that week of Judy Garland, something I grew up in the movement believing, though there is not unanimity on the connection. It does not take much to imagine the emotional upset of New York fans over the death of such an icon. The police could not have picked a worse week to cross the local gay community which, given the times, included a lot of other leftist allies – and still does.


This sculpture celebrating the gay liberation movement is at Sheridan Square Park across from the former Stonewall Inn.

Seems to me like a good time for the United States – be it the President, Congress, or Judiciary – to take a bold move toward equality. Enough of that ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ bullshit, stop firing Armed Services interpreters (and others) who happen to be gay and, whether state-by-state or not, President Obama should begin to weigh in a little more on the equal marriage questions. Right now he’s in the same camp as Rush Limbaugh and Miss California and that’s not becoming of a ‘change’ President.

If Obama and legislators don’t move on this, it seems to me inevitable that the Supreme Court will eventually – I’m not saying it won’t be quite a while – come down on the side of equal marriage as a constitutional matter, as was the case in Canada.

Circle June 27 on your calendar, Mr. Obama, or tap it into your Blackberry.  It’s an important date.   Come out…out from under that protective shell some nominally supportive people wear, saying they agree with sexual equality but doing little or nothing to help advance it in areas of discomfort.

Tell us how you’re going to move equality – for everyone – forward.

If not you, then who? If not at the beginning of your term, then when?

Maybe it will, like in Canada, take court action – all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary.  Equality, however, is not negotiable.  It will prevail…eventually.

McCain’s generals need to hide their privates – or at least calm them down

While I will probably never get my wish that Chris Matthews speak more softly, it was worth the shouting to see this discussion with Joan Walsh of and former Bush I staffer Ed Rogers.  It seems that I have been able to watch coverage of both the Canadian and U.S. elections without getting confused. I can’t get over the number of Jerry Springer McCain fans who seem to be insaneoverly “enthusiastic”. 


Oh America, where is thy appreciation of satire?

When it comes to satirical cartoons, they don’t get much better in the United States than The New Yorker.  Go to their website and you can order books of them.  Facebook will deliver one to you daily.  New Yorker = cartoons, satirical cartoons.

So, when I saw the cartoon on the latest cover, I laughed and thought “Well done.”  It seems not everyone got it, and even Barack Obama had to denounce it (whether he saw the humour or not).  My guess is that he is offended as much by how many people will not understand satire and how this cover might end up being used to fan the flames of doubt and intolerance. Call it “as seen through the eyes of a FOX”.

Let’s be clear, however.  Everything in the drawing is the satirical conclusion of all that has been thrown, so far, at Barack and Michelle Obama – a prominent portrait of Osama bin Laden (as if he and Barack are related); a burning American flag in the fireplace (as if anyone not wearing a flag pin on his chest or holiding his hand over his heart during the singing of the national anthem might just as well be doing so); Obama dressed in Muslim dress because an astonishing number of stupid people still believe he is a Muslim (and which is worse – that misconception or the prejudice behind the misplaced objection?); Michelle a no-nonsense warrior with the never-before-seen-in-middle-white-America “fist bump”.

Clearly America needs to learn about satire. An educated voter would be able to see the humour in much more than has been the case since George W. Bush was imposed on the world.

Jon Stewart’s work never ends.


I’m not the only one, I know, but I had Obama picked back in 2004

As I watched the Democratic Party convention in 2004, during a week when I was hospitalized with a gall bladder attack (pain I will forever associate with John Kerry’s nomination and subsequent campaign!) I wrote this entry scolding Dan Rather and, more importantly, including the written transcript of Barack Obama’s keynote address, which I now have on YouTube:

It’s official. Today, June 7, 2008, Hillary Clinton conceded the Democratic Party nomination to Barack Obama. I’d say she redeemed herself after last Tuesday’s disappointing speech.



Hillary’s RFK reference needs no comment from campaigns (updated)

(banner from

Sunday update: Hillary tries to explain herself here (again) and her fans have been quick to spread the word.  She still does not understand, perhaps because this is not the first time she has spoken about this (and in this way), why people might be offended!  At the very least, Clinton wants Obama’s hopes of the nomination to go down in flames.  It’s just not, as Maureen Dowd puts it, very elegant.

The start of a holiday weekend is usually a time for newsmakers to drop bomb-shells they hope no one will notice and Senator Clinton didn’t disappoint. However, this one will not die just because it’s Memorial Day – maybe precisely because it is Memorial Day! It’s got legs well into next week – and into June, since that’s the month she seems fixated on.

If only it was just more sleep deprivation which led to the latest blunder by Hillary Clinton (repeated, actually, and seemingly thought out if you listen carefully):

Hillary’s Foot? Meet Hillary’s Mouth.

To their credit, strategy-wise, members of the Obama campaign are letting the media express outrage, with campaign spokespersons giving Clinton ‘the benefit of the doubt’ that no offence was intended – as, indeed, she lamely tried to express during a follow-up event, going for the “sorry if I offended…” cop-out:

But, oh…Barack Obama’s handlers have no reason to touch this one at all as so many of us don’t need to be reminded of June, 1968. You can be sure the 40th anniversary commemorative specials are ready to roll out and, yes, RFK was shot while still campaigning in the primaries in June. That was Hillary’s only point – that June primary campaigns have happened before (her husband’s, too.)

If only she had stopped at Bill…

Keith Olbermann expressed the outrage of many tonight:

Here, then, are some of the things this comment was not:

-a signal to a deranged gun-owner looking for infamy

any inference that Barack Obama might not make it to November – but can you imagine how often that horrible thought has crossed the Obamas’ minds (and perhaps the Clintons’, too)?

-a direct comparison between her campaign and that of any Kennedy

-any comparison between the social unrest of 1968 and that of 2008 (especially at political conventions)

-deliberate rubbing of salt in the wound of our collective psyche in a week when Senator Ted Kennedy received such terrible health news

a compelling plea to be Vice-President or Supreme Court Justice

I would still take Clinton over McCain and so I have a tough time with all the vitriol – from Clinton Democrats – against Obama. I know there are Obama fans who might stay home, too, should his nomination somehow be taken from him but please give your heads a shake people. McCain???

And Hillary, you’ve won the white male vote in primaries. Please give up the idea that your second-place finish was about sexism.


Hillary did not misspeak, nor make a mistake – she lied!

I am sorry Hillary but your “memory” of what did not happen was just too clear to have been a mistake, or a misspeak!  And you repeated it on two or three occasions!  Anyone who exits an airplane, while the tarmac is under sniper fire, would remember that clearly and might well still be recovering from it, not laughing it off as a tough day at the office.

You did not have a brain fart, even if you were “sleep deprived”. Regarding your trip to Bosnia you lied.

And tonight you again want to switch the channel to Barack Obama’s former pastor? Your operatives, such as Lanny “I speak for myself” Davis, are out on the airwaves suggesting that any scrutiny your foreign policy claims get is against the spirit of the campaign Barack Obama has advocated.  Pffft!!  It is high time, Hillary Clinton, that you salvage whatever dignity you can and concede the nomination. You are weighing down the Democrats’ chances in November by hopelessly extending the nomination campaign.

Here’s an ad for the GOP:

Hillary: I have the experience! I remember being under fire while landing in Bosnia.

Announcer: Oops! Never happened…Senator John McCain not only witnessed war, he was a prisoner of war.  American hero, etc., etc.


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A Friday link blast

There’s been a lot of stuff I’ve been linking to today on  my facebook page, a product of subscribing to so many updates from some of my daily reads.

I’ll begin with this exciting project from Toronto Centre Green Party of Canada candidate Chris Tindal.


Next, here are three articles from

Geraldine Ferraro still needs to apologize
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Brave New Films, observers of FOX News (however unpleasant an experience that is), have put together a new video with lowlights of FOX coverage of Barack Obama. I’ve included Part One as well.

And, finally, Chris Tindal’s last “Campaign Confidential” (at least for this campaign) at Torontoist.

Have a great weekend!


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