A new look

In celebration of the sumer solstice, and so much more this week, I’m changing the look of my blog.

Let me know what you think.  The header photo is one I took in Westport, Ontario, between Kingston and Perth.

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A facebook message I want to keep!

Hi Kenn,

You remind me why I’m in the NDP. I came upon your blog in regards to the Smiths Falls issue, and found so much more. I am writing you a scattered and grateful note to have found both heart, mind and spirit in the NDP through your blog. Much of what you have written about has sparked these words back. I was very touched by the honour given Craig on your blog. And if you’re ever in Perth, or even Carleton Place, we must meet.

I’m running against Scott Reid in the next election as the candidate for LFLA NDP and came upon your blog trying to see if there was any update on Hershey’s. So, I was really excited that we seem to have some things in common. I’m thinking of approaching the CAW local and La Siembra to see if a worker-owned fair trade chocolate company could be formed.

I noticed a lot of bipolar links on your site. In the original email I was explaining my involvement in the Sacha Bond issue. I’ve also been talking with Kevin Kinsella on the federal disabilities committee about supports for people who experience mental distress or who have mental illness.

I applaud your use of creative commons licensing and am also a ‘copyleft’ advocate. My MA thesis in Globalization and International Development will cover access to knowledge. Copyright reform is something the NDP will champion I’m sure.

I have to say I enjoy your blog much than the NDP.ca site. I have spoken to several people in the NDP about making their civicspace site more dynamic. I have a site that is down right now due to a horrible server company, on drupal, www.uottawaglobe.ca, and www.dogooder.ca on wordpress. The focus for both is user-generated, but the NDP is not using their drupal cousin, civicspace, capabilities in this way. It could be useful for committees.

Anyway, I’m working on a drupal site for my campaign, www.jinha-ndp.ca. Right now I just have http://llfla-ndp.blogspot.com as a temporary one.

There is someone I’m trying to locate, Pierre Beaulne, whose marriage was one of the first cases to go to the Supreme Court on equal marriage. There is someone I work for who has lost contact with him many years ago, the situation is such that I can’t say everything about it, but he was a colleague of Pierre’s who is in a very bad situation now, very isolated, and I offered to help him find old friends. He had done tremendous gay rights activism work in the late ’80s. Pierre was quite a prominent an activist as well, so I thought maybe you may be able to help!

Sorry to write so much, as another helpless spiritual wanderer, it is refreshing to see such spirituality and humanity amidst the procedural communication of party politics.

in the spirit of brotherhood, good health


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