McCain’s generals need to hide their privates – or at least calm them down

While I will probably never get my wish that Chris Matthews speak more softly, it was worth the shouting to see this discussion with Joan Walsh of and former Bush I staffer Ed Rogers.  It seems that I have been able to watch coverage of both the Canadian and U.S. elections without getting confused. I can’t get over the number of Jerry Springer McCain fans who seem to be insaneoverly “enthusiastic”. 



Matthews on Obama’s debate performance: “Did it surprise you that he was so un-ethnic tonight?”


First of all slow down. Our generation doesn’t talk as fast as our children. Second, slow down. Third, lower your voice. When you shout in that high tenor voice you sound hysterical (as in crazy not funny). Fourth, slow down. Your saliva is a huge distraction and you need to take time to let your mouth dry out a bit.

You seem to think you speak on behalf of the working person…er…man (like he can be type-cast). You go for “the guy with a lunch-pail in Philly, trying to pay off his mortgage, give his kids a chance at college…” Chris, not everyone who gets paid by the hour thinks the same way. I wish you’d stop trying to homogenize us.

Now as for your “ethnic” crack…I just don’t get it. Was he too white for you, is that it, your Al Jolson in reverse? Or did he not use enough tough-side-of-your-Philly street language, the sort of talk ‘those people’ use?

Really, Chris, it’s too bad you’ve become a persona that your former boss, President Carter, would barely recognize.

Leave the right-wing shilling on MSNBC to Pat Buchanan.

Now I’m going back to following the Canadian election.

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