Daily Kos: Flashback – Obama campaigned on pro-equality agenda, elected after supporting civil rights for GLBT Americans

wenn2238173__oPtI’ve posted on Rachel Maddow’s coverage of this here, and many others have been weighing in.

Now Jed Lewison of Daily Kos has put together some video evidence of President Obama’s promises to LGBT voters and supporters.

Click here to view the video.

These are urgent matters, Mr. Obama. Stop taking LGBT votes for granted and patronizing us. Proposition 8 in California showed you the tightrope you walk. Many who voted against Prop 8 voted for you. We all know that.

Proclaiming Pride Month was a nice gesture but you have the political capital, and lots of time before future elections, to live up to your campaign promises with integrity – particularly when the courts hand opportunities to you on a platter.

Don’t disappoint any longer.


There are many things you can get to work on that cost little or nothing.

If necessary, your Secretary of State could lend a hand as she brought many LGBT supporters over to you last November, after you began courting them big-time a year ago.