Shelter from the St. Valentine♥s Day Ma$$acre

Having, hopefully, just paid at least the minimum owing on their Christmas credit card bills, gluttonous consumers are now being cajoled into the can’t-win Valentine’s Day debacle.

Take heart…PLEASE!

First of all, what are we teaching our kids when we buy them Flat Stanley-sized boxes of Valentine’s Day cards, so intimately perforated along the edges, for general distribution in grade school? The same parents would shudder at the idea of teaching kids about healthy sexuality.

Engineers Without Borders Canada suggests ways to spend, whatever you choose, a little more ethically.

Of course there’s chocolate…

Why don’t happy couples give the priceless gift of writing, and exchanging (or renewing), vows?  It doesn’t have to be FAAABulously expemsive!  No restaurant, champagne, roses, lingerie nor chocolates required.

What about, for the sake of a past Valentine’s child/ren, getting caught up on support payments?

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