Retirement wishes for Andy Barrie – and memories of the Montréal days

It’s only right, I suppose, that someone – even Andy Barrie – who is fifteen years older than me and fifteen years younger than my mother would be retirement age.

When he made it official today, however, it reminded me how ageless the medium of radio can make somebody – and, as the Globe and Mail reported, how rough he has had it lately.

I was introduced to Andy Barrie as a listener to his Montréal radio show (CJAD) back in the 1970s. He followed George Balcan‘s early morning drive program and, if I have the schedule correct, preceded Neil McKenty‘s call-in show. One of my fondest memories was during the city’s notorious Olympics year in 1976 when Andy and his colleagues launched an April Fool’s Day joke wherein the Queen was insisting that her Olympics visit include a solid gold toilet seat. It was astounding how many, already so pissed with the Olympics’ over-spending, bought the joke. Just remember how maddening this debacle was outside of Quebec and try to imagine how it felt to us in Montréal!

Best wishes, Andy, and thank you for waking up with us – before us! You guys at Mountain and Ste. Catherine Streets – oh and Ralph Lockwood over at CKGM on Greene Ave. in Westmount – helped spark my interest in a radio career, however short-lived mine was. I thank you!